Light Requirements for plants guide

Light Requirements for plants, we’ve all had problems with it at one time or another. Giving a houseplant the right amount of light is important for the long-term health of the plant. Sunlight gives plants energy and every plant needs that energy to grow. Too little sunlight stops growth and too much sunlight can cause leaves to shrivel, burn or wilt. So take a good look at the amount of light in your home to find the ideal spot for your plant. Read our guide for light Requirements for plants!

How do you choose the perfect spot?

Whether you live in a house with many windows or a flat with hardly any direct sunlight, there is always a plant that is suitable for your situation. The light requirements of houseplants are different. Below, we take you into the different places and which plants go well with them

Light Requirements for plants

Light Requirements for plants – Which sunlight types are there?

Direct sunlight

Direct sunlight is the brightest light and you will find it in front of a window that catches more than 12 hours of direct sunlight every day. Not many plants can stand this bright light, but this is especially the case in the summer. In the winter when the light is softer, some plants actually like to be here.

When you place a houseplant at home in front of a south-facing window, the leaves can burn. If you do want to place your plant in a sunny spot, move it around slowly so it can get used to direct sunlight.

Filtered sunlight

Filtered sunlight is the light close to a window that gets sun for half a day. It can also be the light level in a sunnier room behind a curtain or in between curtains. This is a good spot for plants that need a bright spot but can’t be in full sun.

pilea plants and love

The Pilea Peperomioidesplant likes a sunny spot, without too much direct sunlight.

Light shadow

Light shade is the level of light further away from a window in a room where the sun shines in for about half the day. This averages 4 to 5 feet from a window or directly in front of a north-facing window. This can also be a room where there is no direct sunlight or in a corner of a sunny room. In particular, houseplants with large leaves like a spot in light shade.

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Shadow refers to a place with low light intensity. Think of a spot about 10 ft from a window. Or a place facing north. The main thing is that the plant does not catch more than 3 hours of direct sunlight per day.


You may not expect it, but a cactus doesn’t like too much sunlight at all!

What if you have almost no light in your room?

Do you have little sunlight in your home causing plants to suffer from a lack of sunlight? Read below to find out what you can do.

  • Clean the leaves of your houseplant regularly. If you remove the dust from the leaves every week with a soft and damp cloth, the leaves can catch more sunlight.
  • Every few days, rotate your plant by 90 degrees. This way, each side gets the same amount of light, regardless of the light level in the room. This will also prevent your plant from getting out of shape.
  • Keep an eye on the light variation between seasons. The light is stronger in the summer than in the winter when the days are shorter. You can move plants a little closer to the window in winter. On the other hand, it is wise to move plants further away from the window in summer.

If there is not enough light in your living room during the winter, you can also use artificial lighting. These lamps mimic the rays of the sun. Do ask the supplier for advice in advance, not every lamp gives off enough light.

Tips & Tricks by Harli G

in this video Harli easily explains how different light sources work! Highly recommended to watch!

Are you going to buy a new plant? Then it is wise to carefully determine in advance where you are going to place your plant and from that point of view to choose the plant. It is very frustrating if you see your plant become ugly purely because you do not have the right light requirements for plants in your room.

It is always useful to ask advice from an employee of the store where you buy your plant. Take a picture of your living room to make it clear where you want to put your plant.
Maybe it’s all a bit extra work, but in the end you and your plant will be very happy!

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