Terracotta pots: all you need to know

The terracotta pot is the holy grail among plant pots. A true classic in the world of plant pots in all shapes and colors. The timeless option that goes with everything: with any plant species and interior style. Terracotta pots are also affordable, available in many sizes and you can even paint them to your own taste. In this blog you will find all the ins and outs of these pottery pots and how to best plant your plant in them. Spoiler: this is actually easier than with other plant pots!

Where does the name Terracotta pots come from?

Terracotta pots are earthenware pots, made from baked clay. ‘Terracotta’ means ‘baked earth’ in Italian; therefore, a true natural product. The red/orange terracotta color is created by iron particles in the clay that come into contact with oxygen.

terracotta pots from italy

In Italy you find terracotta pots everywhere, in the most beautiful sizes and shape

What is the difference between a Terracotta pot and a plastic plant pot?

Terracotta pots are made entirely of clay, without a layer of glaze (which most plant pots do have). The advantage of this is that the pot can “breathe. This means that water evaporates from the side of the pot and fresh air from outside comes in. Extra oxygen reaching the roots of your plant stimulates root growth and lowers the risk of rot. Keep in mind that your plant needs more / more often water, because more water evaporates through the pot.

Does the saucer of the terracotta pot let water through?

The saucer is the only part of the terracotta pot that does have a glaze. Therefore, the saucer cannot let water through. You do not have to worry about the pot leaking or leaving circles on your furniture.

terracotta pots plants and love 3

terracotta pots fit into most interiors. Don’t be afraid to mix up sizes a bit.

White stains on the terracotta flower pot and how to remove them.

Terracotta pots absorb a lot of water. The water contains calcium that does not evaporate, so after a while a layer of limescale remains on the pot. Even if you use water without lime, after some time you will see user marks on the pot. Although some people think that this makes the pot beautiful, others want to get rid of this layer as soon as possible. Do you belong to the last group? Then we have good news! You can remove it quickly with the help of a scouring pad and a little vinegar and water.

terracotta pots plants and love 4

Because the pot ”breathes”, limescale builds up on the outside. Some people like it others don’t.

Repotting plants in terracotta pots

Extra easy with terracotta pots: you can plant your plant directly in it! You do not need a plastic grow pot or hydro grains for this. We recommend buying a terracotta pot that is 2 to 3 pot sizes bigger than your plant. This way you can be sure the plant fits in and has room to grow. It is also useful to have some extra potting soil on hand to fill the bottom and sides of the pot.

Step 1:

Immerse the terracotta pot in a bucket of water. The pot will fill up completely with water and will therefore not immediately extract all the moisture contained in the potting soil.

Step 2:

Remove the plant from the grow pot to see how much potting soil you need to fill the bottom layer.

Step 3:

Fill the bottom of the pot with a layer of potting compost. Place the plant on top and fill the sides with additional potting soil if necessary.

Step 4:

Don’t forget to put the saucer under the terracotta pot and give it a good splash of water. Your plant is ready to grow!

terracotta pots plants and love 2

The terracotta pot makes it even more easy to keep your plants beautiful!

The terracotta pots are ideal for the starting botanical collector! Are you still a newbie and could use some tips on where to start? Then read our  Top 10 easy indoor plants

The terracotta pot is again totally hot and happening. In all the magazines you see the most beautiful interiors with the old familiar orange pot.

Share your photos with us of your interior or favorite plant in a terracotta pot!

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