Top 5 plants for the bathroom

Plants for the bathroom are great. They transform your bathroom into a tropical resort and require a lot less care. Because of the high humidity in bathrooms you hardly ever have to water these plants. Super easy! Do you have a bathroom with a (small) window? Then you’ll find the perfect bathroom plant or hanging plant for you here – even if your bathroom has little daylight. Discover our top 5 plants for the bathroom!

The best plants for the bathroom:

Boston fern

The Boston fern, also known as Nephrolepis or sword fern, is the rightful number 1 in our top 5 bathroom plants. This plant is perfect for the bathroom. She needs high humidity and is suitable for a space with little daylight. Do you have an bathroom fan? Then it won’t hurt to spray this plant a little extra every now and then. The humidity can hardly be high enough for a Boston fern.

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Bathroom goals!

Grass Lily

The Grass Lily is perhaps the easiest bathroom plant from this top 5. Forgotten to water? The grass lily can handle itself. A little less daylight? No problem either. This bathroom plant requires very little care, and you get so much in return! The Grass Lily is a fast grower, a strong air purifier and very easy to propagate! The cuttings simply grow on stems from the plant. All you have to do is cut them off, and they are ready for their new pot!
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The Calathea also doesn’t mind a little daylight. You can safely place this plant in a bathroom with a small window. The Calathea originally comes from the jungles of the South American Amazon. Here the humidity is quite high and the amount of daylight quite low. The Calathea grows under larger plants and trees, so it is often in the shade. Although a spot in the bathroom makes it easier to care for the Calathea!
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Hedera (ivy).

The Hedera is a beautiful hanging plant for the bathroom. This fast-growing plant instantly creates an urban jungle feel. Place the ivy on the edge of a cabinet or on the sink of the toilet, and let its graceful tendrils dangle down beautifully. Ivy is not so picky about its location. You can put this hanging plant in either a light or dark bathroom.

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plants for the bathroom


This trendy bathroom plant is a real eye-catcher. With its large, unusual leaves, a single Monstera can transform your bathroom. As a tropical ground creeper, the Monstera is used to high humidity and little daylight. So it’s perfect for the bathroom! Would you like a special hanging plant in your bathroom? Then go for the Monstera adansonii. As this plant grows, the tendrils start to droop more and more. Before you know it, you’ll see lots of cute, perforated leaves dangling along the wall.


Can plants survive in a bathroom without daylight?

Plants are unfortunately not suitable for a bathroom without a window. Although bathroom plants can withstand less light, it is never possible to place a plant in a bathroom without any daylight. Even the strongest plant will die after a few weeks.

Which plants are not suitable for the bathroom?

While tropical plants enjoy a steamy bathroom, there are also plants that do not appreciate this. These are mainly cacti, succulents and plants with hairy leaves. These plants absolutely cannot stand high humidity, and may even rot from it. So don’t put your cactus or succulent in the bathroom.

Top 5 plants for the bathroom

Nice video of a quick and easy bathroom upgrade with plants

Tt really is one of the nicest ways to give your bathroom a nice vibe. These plants that are in the top 5 are also all very affordable so you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars either!
It’s too bad that my bathroom has no natural light at all otherwise I would have gone right ahead and gotten started! 😉

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